Recharge and energize onboard the unique Junkboats as well as bond over the learning and experiences options that we provide.

We are passionate about creating and facilitating a meaningful and Unboring team bonding experience for the participants.

Junkboat boat trips.

Junkboats put everyone at ease with its easy organic and natural vibes. Conversations and the sense of adventure flows easily with the rustic setting as if they are in beach club with water play and activities like SUP and Kayak available.

The unique junkboat layout and open design is best suited to tropics with 3 zones ample balcony like spaces from the saloon to the upper decks, for you feel right in the midst of nature.

Cooking and BBQing on board is an experience itself with the breezy saloon space where the whole team gets into the fun of open dining.

Activity Option 1 – Team Sporting learning activity. ( Stand Up Paddle)

What better way to have a team bond but through activities. It’s a wonderful way to engage the team and have them connect over shared experiences.

We facilitate the teaching of Stand Up Paddle for the participants, and being one of the easiest water sport to try out, it makes it a fun and enjoyable activity experience.

The southern islands lagoons boast one of the best water in Singapore for such paddle activity.

Our SUP guides will teach and facilitate a short paddle tour around the lagoon area, and even setup a mini sup race, always immediately bringing out the fun competition and cheers.

Activity Option 2 – Community Service activity ( Southern island Beach Cleanup)

The sea and the beaches is one of our places of recreating in as well as being natural ecosystem for our local marine life and diversity. There are turtles, pink dolphins and even dugongs in our coastal water. Very often, trash from users and distant land floats to the beaches we have on the southern islands. These trash pollution present a eyesore to the enjoyment of nature and also pose ingestion risk to the marine life around the southern islands.

We will provide the necessary trash bags and tongs and assign different areas to be combed.

This is a meaningful experience as when one has his first experience in cleaning up trash of others, one would develop mindfulness when it comes disposing of ones trash. It also acquaints the team to the biodiversity and develop a more responsible mindset to work together in tasks.

Activity Option 3 – Beach Campfire

There is quite nothing like a bonding experience over a fire. The shimmering fire on a beach setting creates a shared ‘moment’ in the hearts of the team.

Enjoy making mash mellows and having a drink and easy conversations under the stars to the sounds of the gentle waves lapping the beach.

Camaraderie amongst the teammates are often inspired from the collective shared experience of a campfire, where the environment lends itself its magic in fostering understanding and communication among teammates.

Till date all our participants always leave feeling more kindred and inspired.

Email us to enquire more of how we can help plan your UNBORING team-bonding experience. We are happy to customize and even have multiple activities.