Lazarus Island

Since the pandemic, Lazarus has surged in popularity as an island getaway for day-trippers and boating enthusiasts.

Lazarus island, with its stunning lagoon known as Eagle’s Bay, has got to be one of our favourite spots to anchor at. The long stretch of white sandy beach with crystal clear waters at Eagle’s Bay is nothing like you will ever see on mainland Singapore. No wonder it is Singapore’s best kept secret.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fun activities. You can swim in calm waters, stand up paddle around the bay, enjoy a scrumptious cookout on the boat or even have a beach campfire. It’s a great place to enjoy nature and spend the day with your loved ones

St John's Island / Seringat Bay

The largest of the Southern Islands, St Johns is a large hilly island with charming rustic vibes and abundant foliage.

Looking at its quaint beaches and beautiful scenery, one could never have guessed it used to be a quarantine centre in the 1800s. But explore further on foot and  you’ll come across old lamp posts and brick structures that have withstood the test of time and still exist on the island today.

It’s a popular destination for boaters and water sport lovers as it is protected from prevailing winds. The beautiful beaches are fun to explore during low tide for its pockets of mangrove and inter tidal life. It’s also a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with the view of Singapore’s skyline in a distance.

Pulau Hantu

An adventure island with an abundance of corals and reefs, it’s already a well-known spot within the diving community. 

Pulau Hantu is made up of two islets with a total area of 12.6 hectares. When it's low tide, it is possible to walk from one island to another. We love the gorgeous sunsets and tranquil lagoons here,  making it the perfect spot to relax or enjoy an activity like stand up paddling.

Snorkelling is also great as one can find hard corals, anemones, and a colourful array of coral fishes, in the surrounding waters. 

Kusu Island

Known as “Tortoise Island” in Hokkien, Kusu Island is renowned for its sacred sites and is located right next to Lazarus island – about 5.6km off the south coast of Singapore. 

So how did it get its name? Legend has it that a giant tortoise turned itself into an island to save two shipwrecked fishermen.

Today, it’s known for its 2 calm lagoons; and plenty of other things to do on the island. One can check out the tortoise sanctuary, explore the famous Tua Pek Kong temple which thousands flock to during the 9th Emperor festival or embark on a short hike to reach the 3 religious kermats  (‘Malay’ for shrine).

Sisters’ Island

Home to Singapore’s first marine park, Sisters' Island is a haven for biodiversity and marine life. Located at the south of Singapore, they comprise of a pair of islands – aptly named “big” and “small” sisters –  separated by a fast moving narrow channel, making it unsuitable for swimming. 

If you wish to swim, rustic beaches can be found on the island. The beaches also make a popular spot for picnics. Those interested in diving and snorkelling will love seeing the wide variety of corals in the waters surrounding the islands.