What’s a Hong Kong junk boat doing in Singapore? The answer? For everyone to enjoy the sun, sand, sea…. and FREEDOM! To have fun!

Perfect for urbanites looking for a quick getaway, come hop on a one-of-a-kind junk boat experience with us.  Its famous unique boat layout maximizes shaded balcony-like space. With its sheer amount of deck space and personality, its perfect for fun island charters!

Our logo with the solar eclipse symbolizes excitement of new and fresh beginnings, something we wish for our customers  to be inspired and rejuvenated after their trips. The logo also forms the eye that are traditionally painted on the hull of junk boats.

Enjoy a host of water activities – all on an Instagram-worthy boat oozing with vintage charm. Throw a party, or chill out with loved ones on our wide-open deck surrounded by breathtaking views. Soak in the atmosphere as you sip on a cocktail and let the cool breeze caress your skin. Now does that sound like paradise, or what? 

Another highlight not to be missed is the onboard dining experience. Enjoy a BBQ cookout under the stars and let the conversations flow! And speaking of experiences, if you wish to do a bit of snorkeling, hookah diving  or learn how to stand up paddle, we’ve got plenty of packages for you to choose from. 

Come join us for a fun day out and recharge the mind and experience FREEDOM.