Perfect for urbanites looking for a quick getaway, come hop on our spacious one-of-a-kind Junkboat Nanyang Dream.

5 hours from our experience gives you just the right amount of time to enjoy fully, to enjoy the water activities, without feeling rush…the least we want you to feel when you are out having fun!

Perfect for small to medium groups up to 22pax looking for a unique boat bursting with vintage vibes for rustic fun day out partying and enjoying the sun and sea.

Get close to nature and enjoy a host of water activities – all on an Instagram-worthy boat oozing with vintage charm. You’d be a-m-a-z-e-d by the sheer amount of space the moment you step on our boat. Enjoy Kayaking, SUP, Watermat. Its practically a beach club on water.

Throw a party, or chill out with your friends and loved ones on our wide-open deck surrounded by breathtaking views.

Mezzanine Deck and Upper fly deck for lounging and chilling.

Soak in the atmosphere as you sip on a cocktail, chug up beers and let the cool breeze caress your skin. Now does that sound like paradise, or what?

Another highlight not to be missed is the onboard dining experience.

Enjoy a BBQ cookout in the saloon and let the conversations flow!

Come join us for a fun day out and recharge the mind and soul!


  • Experience freedom onboard a HK Junk boat
  • Spacious deck space to chill out and admire glorious sunsets – very instagrammable!
  • Overhanging upper deck. Perfect for boat jumps
  • Water fun with Stand-Up Paddle boards, Kayak, Aquamat, Snorkelling gear
  • BBQ Hotplate for a delicious meal surrounded by nature
  • Dog-Friendly


Typical sail times slots are 900am – 2pm, 10am – 3pm, 230pm – 730pm or 5pm-10pm. Time extension available. Other timings please enquire.