Explore our Singapore’s very own house reef at Pulau hantu and learn Hookah diving and snorkelling as a unique and fuss free way to explore the underwater life. What’s more, you get to do it onboard our spacious junk Nanyang Dream and enjoy a fabulous boat trip as well!

This innovative method of Surface Air Diving ( up to 3metres) system is a quality system made in the USA and perfect for shallow dives at our reefs, and offers you the ability to get up close to the marine life without having to be a certified diver and without needing the regular scuba equipment. Also with this system, you can also enjoy as enhanced snorkel and duck dive whenever you want to.

Dive amongst the giant clams, hard and soft corals and see clown fishes, angel fishes and more with the easy to learn and use and hookah dive system. Our guide will show you the know hows and set you up right. All you need to do is to take the plunge and enjoy the underwater world.

After your snorkel/dive, chill onboard and cook away with our bbq grill and even enjoy a splendid sunset.

(For proficient swimmers as there might be currents and not suitable to be used with flotation devices.)

Best days are low tidal coefficient and near low tide.

Check Tides here.


  • Learn and Snorkel/Dive Hookah each session approx. 1 HR)
  • 4 snorkelers/divers at one time per session. Change around for rotation usage.
  • Equipment provided : Fins, Weight Belts and Weight, Hookah Dive system. Mask and Snorkel.( Bring along your personal mask if you have for best fit)
  • Best if you are already a diver, looking for a relax diving experience.
  • Enjoy glorious sunset at the Straits after your snorkel/dive
  • Water mat. SUP and Kayak
  • Chill and Cookout BBQ with your friends.